When to leave the table in poker?

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Each player asked himself a question in the title, and we often regret that we delayed the game. Leaving the game early is a less serious problem. We can ask ourselves the question: “Should I have stayed?”, But do not bother – we cannot know, win or lose by continuing the game. However, if we stayed at the table, then we know exactly what it cost us. If our last hour was nightmarish, we ask ourselves in our hearts: “Why didn’t I leave when I had so much money?” Worse, we do not know what made us stay to play, which means in the future we will repeat the same mistake.
The right reason to care
The decision to stay or go must be made on the basis of logical analysis, although in practice it is often made emotionally. The main question: “Why do you stay or leave?”.
You should definitely leave if you have other important things to do at this time. Countless serious problems arose due to the fact that the players did not call in for their wife or children, were late for business meetings, etc. They plunged into the game so much or wanted to recoup so much that they continued to play. In addition to letting other people down, these players were also probably nervous, playing worse and losing money. Do not be stupid, if you are assigned to this time affairs, do not even think about continuing the game – leave!
If you play for fun, and the game does not give you pleasure – leave. Often you have to see players who stay in a game that they don’t like, they get upset and grumble at opponents, smoke, noise and ask: “Why do I continue to play this poor game?” If you are overwhelmed by such thoughts, and you play for relaxation, leave, take a break, or change the table.
The current gain allows us to assume (though in no way proves) that you have an advantage over your opponents, and your loss is that you are an outsider. In addition, losing or winning can become something like a self-fulfilling prophecy: winning makes you and opponents believe that you play better, hence your game really improves and theirs worsens. You will probably play more aggressively and confidently, and opponents will be more afraid of you. And on the contrary, when you lose, you will play uncertainly and passively, having received the image of a weak player. Therefore, it is better to stay in the game when you win, and not vice versa.