How to select a poker room

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Selecting a poker room is, by and large, the first of the poker decisions that a novice takes. So, what should you look for when choosing a place to play? I offer you my list of parameters that are worth paying attention to, in order of decreasing their weight.
1. The number of players. It is clear that the more the better. A large number of players ensures that you will find the game not only at low limits of no-limit hold’em (this is the most common game), but you can also try yourself in other games, you will have a lot to grow by limits. Plus, the larger the room, the more financially stable it is.
2. Promotion program. I mentioned at the beginning about rakeback, which actually became the forerunner and the reason for the emergence of current incentive programs. If earlier rakeback was paid by affiliates, now the player is offered bonuses, recruitment and conversion of points in the reward program or cashback directly from the poker room.
3. The level of opponents. If you plan to make money, you better look for places with weaker opponents (mostly not the largest networks with casino rooms, plus Party), if you want to learn and improve – with stronger ones (first of all, PokerStars). It is probably better to start with something simpler, so as not to lose interest in the game due to defeat.
4. The comfort of the game, confidence in the room. This is a very important parameter and only because of its subjectivity it does not get to a higher place. This partly gets the level of opponents, and the interface, but basically it’s the player’s confidence that the room with him plays fair.
5. Deposit and withdrawal of money. For many, supported methods of depositing funds are important, plus everyone wants to get their money as quickly as possible, without delays … As for input-output methods, they are now becoming more and more unified.
6. Security Service. Security Service – a double edged sword. On the one hand, we all want to play without computer bots, handheld opponents and other scammers who will win money from us, you also do not want to win money from a carder (because they will be confiscated, and in the worst case you may be suspected of aiding
7. Support service (support). You will not have to communicate with the support service in an ideal room, but the ideal is unattainable, so from time to time questions arise, complaints, problems that are addressed to the support service. Accordingly, the support requires competence, availability, high speed of response, readiness to meet the player.